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Foam Edging

Foam protection for furniture & picture frames, artwork & table tops, foam corners or foam profiles.  Protective foam edging and foam corners for all your furniture such as Tvs, tables, picture frames and also for commercial edge protection whilst transporting goods.

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Bulk Foam Corners 05-15mm

Bulk foam corners 05-15mm U trade corner profile wholesale

Bulk Foam Corners 15-25mm

Bulk foam corners 15-25 mm U profile wholesale trade, full box of 600 blue foam corners.

Bulk Foam Corners 25-35mm

Bulk foam corner protection 25-35mm U profile box quantities of 400

Bulk Foam Corners 35-45mm

Trade foam corner padding 35-45mm wholesale

Bulk Foam Corners 45-60mm

Bulk foam corners 45-60 mm wholesale corner protection

Bulk Foam Corners 60-80mm

Wholesale foam corners 60-80mm trade U profile

Bulk Foam Profile 05-15mm

Trade foam edging 05-15 mm 2m wholesale foam profile

Bulk Foam Profile 15-25mm

Trade foam edging 15-25mm 2m lengths, wholesale price

Bulk foam profile 25-35

Trade foam edging 25-35mm 2m lengths, wholesale price

Bulk foam profile 35-45

Trade foam edging 35-45 mm 2m lengths, wholesale pricing

Bulk foam profile 45-60

Trade foam edging 45-60mm 2m lengths, bulk lengths of foam

Bulk foam profile 60-80

Trade foam edging 60-80mm 2m foam U profiles

Bulk foam profile L 50x50

Foam corner profile 50x50mm 2m trade foam L profile

Bulk foam profile L 75x75

Foam corner profiles 75x75mm 2m L shaped trade foam edging

Foam Corner 05-15mm

Foam corners 05-15mm U profile picture frame protection
From £0.00

Foam Corner 15-25mm

Foam corners 15-25mm safety cushioning
From £0.35

Foam Corners 25-35mm

Foam corners 25-35mm protect large picture frames
From £0.41

Foam Corners 35-45mm

Foam corners 35-45mm protect large picture frames
From £0.46

Foam Corners 45-60mm

Foam corners 45-60mm windows & larger paintings
From £0.50

Foam Corners 60-80mm

Foam corners 60-80mm door & window protection
From £0.66

Foam Edging 05-15mm

Foam edging 05-15mm 2m foam profile
From £0.85

Foam Edging 15-25mm

Foam edging 15-25mm 2m length
From £1.00

Foam Edging 25-35mm

Foam edging 25-35mm 2m lengths
From £1.60

Foam Edging 35-45mm

Foam edging 35-45mm 2m foam frame protection
From £1.85

Foam Edging 45-60mm

Foam edging 45-60mm 2m lengths of foam
From £2.40

Foam Edging 60-80mm U profile

Foam edging 60-80mm 2m edge protection
From £4.70

Foam Profile 50x50mm L Shaped Edging

Foam corner profile 50 x 50mm 2m foam L profile
From £1.31

Foam Profile L 75x75mm

Foam corner profiles 75x75mm 2m L shaped foam packaging
From £1.62