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    Furniture Protection

    Furniture protection for bed mattress covers, settee, sofa & armchair covers and now we stock dining room chair plastic bags to stop moisture and dust annd to help protect your furniture from damage whilst being transported.  We stock the full range of mattress covers to suit every size of mattress from single beds to 3/4 double, double beds and King size to the really large superking size bed mattress protectors. See also our range of suit, dress & costume covers for use to transport and protect your garments whilst being moved/ transported.  We Stock Wedding dress covers in clear or white, these protective covers are 6ft/ over 2metres tall so also used for theatrical costumes.

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    Dining room chair plastic covers

    Dining room chair dust cover, small upright cabinet protection
    From £2.10 inc vat

    Short garment covers for suits, shirts & jackets 40inch

    Suit/ jacket garment cover 40 inch zip-up hanging clothes bags
    £3.95 inc vat

    Single bed mattress protector

    Single bed mattress cover very strong polythene
    From £3.49 inc vat

    3/4 double bed mattress covers

    Shorter 4ft wide mattress cover for small double bed
    From £4.06 inc vat

    Armchair cover, single seat sofa protection

    Armchair protective covers, strong single seat plastic covers
    From £2.76 inc vat

    Long dress & Jacket garment covers

    50 inch long dress & jacket protective covers, zip-up and store longer garments & dresses
    £3.95 inc vat

    Double bed queens size mattress protector

    Mattress cover for Double beds 4-6' polythene protection
    From £4.06 inc vat

    Two seat settee protector, 2 seater sofa guard

    2 Seater settee cover two seat, a very strong polythene protector
    From £3.32 inc vat

    Kingsize mattress covers

    Kingsize mattress bed cover 5 ft wide, quality thicker plastic
    From £5.95 inc vat

    Three seat settee protective cover, 3 seater sofa protector

    Three seater settee plastic bag cover 3 seat sofa protector
    From £3.49 inc vat

    Wedding dress covers, long clear costume protector

    Long dress cover 6ft tall, clear wedding dress & theatrical costume cover
    £4.99 inc vat

    Four seater settee covers, protect your 4 seat sofa

    4 seater large settee cover, strong four seat sofa protection
    From £3.85 inc vat

    Superking mattress protector, large bed cover

    Superking bed cover, mattress protector 6ft wide
    From £4.55 inc vat

    Wedding dress bags, long white protective covers

    Long white wedding dress cover, also uniforms, costumes & longer gowns
    £4.99 inc vat