Storage & Removal Boxes for Moving

House Moving Box pack, JUMBO pack of boxes kit

£104.95 incl tax
60 strong removal boxes in this jumbo pack of just boxes, add the packaging materials you need to build a kit of your choosing.

This is a jumbo box pack, just the removal boxes without any bubblewrap, packing tape or tape dispenser.  This is the jumbo box pack ready for you to then choose which packaging materials you need, from the different packing tapes, to palletwrap and bubblewrap and please take a look around to choose more removal boxes of the size you need or simply take this pack and use your own parcel tape.

The Jumbo box pack

Ultimate removals box pack ideal for 5 bedroom plus houses, hoarders and kleptomaniacs!

Jumbo house removal boxes kit.
all the boxes you will need to help you prepare for moving house!
High quality cardboard boxes for storage or whilst moving house.
The jumbo box pack contains 60 strong removal boxes in total.
The jumbo box pack includes:
Qty item
20 x Single wall boxes 19 x 13 x 13″ removal boxes
20 x Double wall boxes 18 x 18 x 12″ removal boxes
20 x Double wall boxes 18 x 18 x 20″ removal boxes
(Just the boxes) (excludes wardrobe boxes)
Jumbo box pack

quality cardboard removal boxes/ self-storage boxes all in one jumbo box pack.