House Moving tools

Moving tools, ratchet straps, knives & strapping to bungee cords screwdrivers and even hammers.

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Adjustable Ratchet Tie Down 4m Strapping

Ratchet tie down 4m, BD336 Blackspur adjustable stapping
£4.99 inc vat

Cotton Webbing furniture strapping 38mm

Strong webbing, Cotton 20m x 38mm wide furniture strapping.
From £8.46 inc vat

Marker pen, thick knib pens for writing on boxes

A dark marker pen, blue or black with a thick head for writing direct ont the removal boxes
£1.00 inc vat

Moving tools bungee cargo net

Secure your load with the 12 Hook Bungee Cargo Net, designed for maximum durability and reliability during transit.
£5.95 inc vat

Nylon Furniture Webbing 38mm wide

Nylon webbing, strong furniture strapping for moving furniture
From £7.61 inc vat

Strong Cotton Webbing 20m x 50mm

Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 5cm High strength cotton webbing
From £10.16 inc vat