Packing Tape

Parcel tape for packing and sealing cardboard boxes, brown, clear, fragile or this-way-up warning tapes. choose from the more expensive branded packing tapes of the equally as high quality sourced box packaging tapes that we sell in large quantities. 

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Clear packing tape for boxes

Clear tape 48mmx 66m general purpose packing tape
From £1.50 inc vat

Tape standard quality brown packing tape

Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm packaging tape, standard quality
From £1.50 inc vat

Quality clear packaging tape

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m vibac/Scotch or geneal high quality packaging tapes
From £1.79 inc vat

Tape brown quality box sealing tape

Quality brown sealing tape 50mm x 66m vibac or 3M high quality tape
From £1.79 inc vat

Strong Fragile tape printed warning tape

Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm strong tape
From £1.50 inc vat

Tape contents checked and security sealed

Contents checked security sealed packing tape 66m
From £1.50 inc vat