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    Packing Tape

    Packaging tapes for sealing cardboard boxes, we stock large quantities of tape in boxes of 36 or packs of 6 but our packing tapes are most often sold in single rolls of brown tape for the house mover or the general purpose clear tape which can be used for xmas and birthday presents.  We hold a large quantity of Fragile tape and also contents-checked-&-security-sealed preprinted tape, red print on a white background.  Always consider using a tape dispenser, using your teeth or scissors is not advisable, using a pistol grip tape dispenser, used by warehouse staff and removal comapnies will make sealing your boxes far quicker and more efficient.

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    Clear packing tape for boxes

    Clear tape 48mmx 66m general purpose packing tape
    From £1.50 inc vat

    Quality tape dispenser with pistol grip

    Pistol grip quality tape dispenser handheld gun style packing tape applicator.
    From £8.46 inc vat

    Tape dispenser pistol grip budget applicator

    Pistol grip tape dispenser handheld gun style.
    £7.95 inc vat

    Tape standard quality brown packing tape

    Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm packaging tape, standard quality
    From £1.50 inc vat

    Quality clear packaging tape

    Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m vibac/Scotch or geneal high quality packaging tapes
    From £1.79 inc vat

    Tape brown quality box sealing tape

    Quality brown sealing tape 50mm x 66m vibac or 3M high quality tape
    From £1.79 inc vat

    Strong Fragile tape printed warning tape

    Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm strong tape
    From £1.50 inc vat

    Tape contents checked and security sealed

    Contents checked security sealed packing tape 66m
    From £1.50 inc vat