Storage & Removal Boxes for Moving


Quality pallet wrap/ stretch wrap buy trade quality palletwrap in boxes of 6 or retail quantity of single rolls

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Palletwrap 40cm x 300m x 20micron

Palletwrap 20 micron 300m x 40cm with handles
From £8.19

Palletwrap 40x 300x 17micron

Pallet wrap 17micron 300m x 40cm stretch wrap

Palletwrap Black

Black pallet-wrap 20micron 300m x 50cm with handles
From £8.95

Palletwrap black

Black pallet-wrap 15micron 300m x 50cm with handles
From £7.35

Palletwrap budget dispenser

Hand saver for pallet wrap, budget dispenser for 38mm core.

Palletwrap handsaver yellow

Palletwrap handsaver film dispenser 38mm yellow
From £5.99