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Cardboard box A4 double wall postal & storage boxes

Cardboard boxes 12x9x9" double wall A4
From £0.83 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes 11x7x6 single wall postal box shoebox

Postal boxes 11x7x6″ small single wall carton
From £0.34 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes A4 postal & storage boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes 12x9x12″ A4 storage box
From £0.42 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes double wall book boxes

Cardboard storage boxes 17x15x14 inch double wall book boxes
From £1.80 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes large removal & storage boxes

Cardboard boxes 24x18x18″ large double wall carton
From £2.25 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes lightweight single walled A4 postal box

Cardboard boxes 12x9x9" A4 single wall
From £0.38 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes single walled small A4 postal box

Cardboard A4 box 12x9x6″ single wall storage boxes
From £0.37 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes square double walled storage box

Square cardboard boxes 12x12x12 inch double wall box
From £1.06 inc VAT

Cardboard boxes strong double walled book boxes

Strong double wall 18 x 12 x 12" home moving boxes Very strong cardboard boxes ideal for books High storage quality boxes in pallet quantities of 360 boxes Stackable boxes Heavy duty use, often supplied to car parts manufacturers and distributors. Ideal for books and heavier items such as cans, jars and other heavier household items Ideal for packing items for removals & moving home These boxes are brand new, have no print on them and are a comfortable size to pick up and carry Box dimensions are: 18 x 12 x 12 inches 457mm x 305mm x 305mm metric
From £1.35 inc VAT

Cardboard wardrobe boxes with easy carry handles

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall
From £7.95 inc VAT

House Moving Box pack, JUMBO pack of removal boxes kit

60 strong removal boxes in this jumbo pack of just boxes, add the packaging materials you need to build a kit of your choosing.
£104.95 inc VAT

House moving box pack, the LARGE storage boxes kit

The Large house removal box packs have just the boxes so you can add more of what you need or just add the tape, dispenser or bubblewrap.
£69.95 inc VAT