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Removal Blankets

Home moving blankets, sold to the trade in bales of 25 or single furniture blankets for sale to the house mover who may only need a few moving pads.  We hold a range of Moving blankets and floor protecting druggets, the standard house mover blanket is 1.5 x 2metres and the large furniture blankets are 2.5 x 2 metres, the large transit blankets are thicker as well as larger for the added protection of your furniture.  The floor proetion druggets are made from the furniture blanket material laid over antislip foam, used to reduce dirt, mud and water from being walked in and out of your home by the removal companies, whilst removing all your furniture.

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Removal Blankets STANDARD 1.5 x 2m quality house moving blankets

Furniture transport blankets 1.5 x 2.0m STANDARD moving blankets
From £3.60 inc vat

Removal Blankets LARGE 2x2.5m oversized moving blankets

Removal blankets 2m x 2.5m extra LARGE transit blankets
From £6.30 inc vat

Removal Blankets bale of 25 STANDARD quality moving blankets

Removal blankets Bales of 25 STANDARD furniture blankets
From £2.40 inc vat

Removal Blankets bale of 25 LARGE moving blankets

Removal blankets bales of 25 LARGE moving blankets
From £4.95 inc vat

Removal Blanket floor protection Druggets, foam backed

Floor protector blanket, druggets carpet protection
From £15.00 inc vat

Webbing straps for safely holding furniture being transported

Webbing, strong furniture strapping
From £8.00 inc vat
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