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    Products tagged with 'rolls of palletwrap'

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    Palletwrap black extended core very strong stretchwrap

    Black palletwrap 23micron 300m x 40cm with extended handles
    From £11.06 inc vat

    Black palletwrap standard core

    Black pallet-wrap 23micron 250m x 50cm, standard core
    From £11.06 inc vat

    Pallet-wrap with extended handles 20micron

    Pallet wrap 20micron 300m x 40cm stretch wrap, with manual handles
    From £11.47 inc vat

    Clear Palletwrap with extended core easy carry handles 23micron

    Clear palletwrap 23 micron 230mx40cm with handles for easy manual use
    From £11.47 inc vat