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Single wall cardboard boxes

Lightweight single wall cardboard boxes for posting goods for online sales such as ebay.  Also see our stronger budget single wall removal boxes used to move your belongings or for storage.

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Cardboard boxes small square/ cubed box 130x130x130mm

Cardboard storage box 5x5x5″ small postal boxes
From £0.26 inc vat

Cardboard boxes single wall postal shoebox 290x170x145mm

Postal boxes 11 x 7 x 6″ small single wall carton, often used for military care packages.
From £0.34 inc vat

Cardboard boxes single walled A4 postal box 305x230x150mm

Cardboard A4 box 12 x 9 x 6″ single wall storage boxes shoe boxes
From £0.37 inc vat

Cardboard boxes single walled A4 box 305x230x230mm

Cardboard boxes 12 x 9 x 9" A4 single wall medium sized box for paperwork/ magazines etc
From £0.38 inc vat

Cardboard boxes A4 postal & storage boxes 305x230x305mm

Single wall cardboard boxes 12x9x12″ A4 storage box
From £0.42 inc vat

cardboard boxes single wall box used for DVDs 460x305x180mm

Cardboard boxes 18x12x7″ single wall DVD storage boxes
From £0.75 inc vat

Strong single walled removal boxes 485x330x330mm

Cardboard box 19x13x13″ single wall packing boxes
From £1.54 inc vat
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