Storage & Removal Boxes for Moving

House moving box packs, the SMALL moving box kit

£29.95 incl tax
Small box pack of quality removal boxes, add more storage boxes & packing tape

The small box packs, the box kits are just the basics yet quality removal boxes.  When you are not sure how many removal boxes you will need but want to make a start or adding to the removals boxes you may have already bought. 


Small box packs quality removal boxes/ house moving box kits

A small house moving box kit ideal for one /two bedroom flats.
Removal boxes for one/two bedroom homes, flats or a maisonette.
or to fill up the loft if the box isn't too big!!
Great value removal boxes, this house moving box kit has a good selection of storage boxes.
The small house removal boxes pack

The house moving box kit includes:
Qty item
10 x single wall box 19x13x13″ removal boxes

10 x double wall box 18x18x12″ removal boxes

Small house moving box kit/ pack

quality cardboard removal boxes/ self-storage boxes