Garment covers

Garment covers for suits, coats & ladies dresses, also used for military uniform, religious robes & theatrical costume storage & transport.  The 6ft/ 2m tall wedding dress bags are available in white or clear plastic covers, keeping your wedding dress clean and fresh before and after you get married.

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Short garment covers for suits, shirts & jackets 40inch

Suit/ jacket garment cover 40 inch zip-up hanging clothes bags
£3.95 inc vat

Long dress & Jacket garment covers

50 inch long dress & jacket protective covers, zip-up and store longer garments & dresses
£3.95 inc vat

Wedding dress covers, long clear costume protector

Long dress cover 6ft tall, clear wedding dress & theatrical costume cover
£4.99 inc vat

Wedding dress bags, long white protective covers

Long white wedding dress cover, also uniforms, costumes & longer gowns
£4.99 inc vat